HRMS Features Tour

Ajoft HRMS gives you the power and the flexibility you need to do run and automate your business more efficently.Broad features of HRMS software is mentioned below:

Payroll Management System

Ajoft HRMS provides you one of the best payroll software to manage payroll and transactions of your employees. It's unmatched in it's simplicity and tackles all aspects of the payroll process. Enables you to prepare salaries in just minutes instead of days!
After you’ve configured and implemented Ajoft's HRMS as per your needs, a click is all that you need to process employee salaries.

Fully Mobile Ready Apps

Ajoft HRMS is mobile-ready rolled out for both Apple and Android platforms available to download from their respective app stores. Managing and accessing all your critical HR data while on the run is not a complex thing now!
We have designed Ajoft HRMS to be fully responsive and user-friendly for mobile devices using advanced mobile technologies, it works seamlessly on smartphones and tablets running on Apple, Windows and Android operating systems. Functionality is very much the same for mobiles as they are for desktops assuring no delays and lags.

Leave Management System

Forget about getting leave applications approved and tracked on emails and excels. With Ajoft’s HRMS Leave Management System you get the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, track employee leaves, plan leave workflows, and more.
Ajoft HRMS Employee Leave Management System Software helps companies align employee availability at work places with their resource availability plans to avoid any ‘unplanned non-availability’ of employees at work. Also Helps employees plan their absence from work, in time!

Employee Self Service Portal

Ajoft HRMS empowers employees with full fledged ESS portal. It Allow employees to manage their details. Empower them with self service mobile app.
It not only empowers employees, but also saves HR personnel a great deal of time and efforts. Employees can use the ESS portal to manage their details and place their reuests.

Multiple Currencies Support

Ajoft HRMS software provides facility to use as many currencies as you like. This helps your accounts department hire and manage resources in any country .
Multi currency support enables companies to do, track and manage expenses, transactions in multiple curries giving you a total control on your finances

Unlimited Languages Support

With Ajoft HRMS, you can launch HRMS website in multiple languages which means that with this software you can target any country in the world which in turn will provide you more control over your offices from around the world and more revenues. Adding languages is so easy that even a child can do it.