Attendance Management System

With Ajoft’s Attendance Management system you can create & manage shifts, define attendance policies, define weekly off's, track employee’s in/out time, enable Biometric & GPS attendance, track company punctuality metrics and much more.

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Ajoft's Attendance Management Software is packed with amazing features and technologies and is one of the best attendance management system available today. It gives you a clean and streamlined experience that can make your company attendance process faster and better without any human intervention.

Core Features of Attendance Management Software?

  • Punch-In & Punch-Out from multiple sources like web, bio-metric, proximity devices.
  • Ability to define attendance policies.
  • Mark attendance from your mobile with location Validation on Punch-In & Punch-Out
  • Ability to defines different work shifts for different employees
  • Ability to define custom weekly off's for different employee groups

Employee benefits of Attendance Management Software?

As an employee or user of attendance management system,
  • Mark your attendance without any errors or human manipulations
  • View beautiful reports of your daily attendance and punctuality in your company
  • Daily automatic attendance late notifications by the software
  • Automatic Incomplete work hours notifications by the system
  • Details of your overtime/total work hours calculations
  • Access to punctuality leader-board
Our attendance software understand the value of punctuality in work place that is why it uses complex algorithms and calculations to improve the punctuality of an employee and company as a whole. Buy it Now for your company!

Company benefits of Attendance Management Software?

  • Improved employees attendance in your work place
  • Improved employees productivity
  • All employee attendance data stored and secured digitally
  • Accurate calculations of employees attendances
  • Improved employees satisfaction
  • Powerful API integration & Automatic Notifications for better automation
  • Powerful attendances policies and rules for company needs
  • Real-time integration and Synchronization with attendance devices
  • Customization as per company needs
Ajoft's Attendance Management Software is a complete peace of mind solution with all the hi-tech features and facilities inbuilt into it so that you can forget about your worries associated with the employees attendance and company punctuality. Ajoft HRMS provides one of the most efficient attendance management solution which integrates seamlessly into thousands of third party devices. If you already have an attendance hardware system, we'll integrate it with Ajoft HRMS Suite and pull all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware. Ajoft's inbuilt Geo-location attendance with Geo fencing capabilities even removes the need for additional attendance hardware, thus reducing your cost and improving productivity. Get started with Ajoft HRMS Suite for your company in 24 hours. Order Now!

What our clients say about us?

  • For the past 7 months that we have been working with Ajoft, we have noticed improvement in our company productivity. We appreciate knowing that your team has our best interest in mind and works very hard on our behalf. Thank you for helping us launch our CRM application keeping our business needs in mind.
    Taranjeet Singh
    RockFord India
  • The support is great, I have had all my questions on modifications solved with in 24hrs and have learned a great deal in the process.All the themes are of the best quality and up to date with all Wordpress software and run smoothly across all browsers.
    Sangita Singh
    GS Job Point

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