Knowledge Management System For Healthcare Industry

Education Management system

About The client

The client is an independent medical community owned, managed and led by some medical specialists (cardiologists, urologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, general physicians etc). It also provides information and news on Latest Medical Breakthroughs, Researches, Current affairs etc in Medicine globally. The purpose of this forum is to support and not replace the relationship between a patient and his doctor. This is also an excellent source of medical information and cases for medical students.

Business Challenge

The challenge was to provide an online platform where Doctors, Health professionals and organizations from all over the world would come together and share their experiences, knowledge and information with each other for global medical co-operation. Besides this, the forums was to provide a “private discussion service” where only the concerned doctors and medical professionals can discuss a medical case and identify and advise suitable diagnostics and treatment for a patient in a private discussion room online.
Though there was prior system for medical discussions, but it was not much effective and efficient. The following challenges were present:

  • Discussion of complicated medical case was done on telephone, which was rather time consuming as it was not certain that the concerned doctor was available to take the call.
  • It was not possible to consult multiple specialists together at a given point of time.
  • Only the specialists in a specified local region i.e. a city, state or country could be contacted over telephone.

How the challenge was solved

To answer the need, Ajoft Technologies developed a discussion forum for the client that would allow the medical experts from all over the world to come together at a single platform and discuss the medical cases that are challenging. They can also get an expert’s opinion on the case and plan a suitable treatment for the patient.

  • Ajoft consulted with a number of experts to create a Requirements Document that listed every minor detail that would make the system robust, effective, efficient and highly scalable.
  • Ajoft integrated a “Credential Verification System” for doctors and medical professionals. The registration for medical professionals will be approved as medical consultants, only when their medical license has been verified and authenticated. This ensures that only the authentic doctors are allowed to give advice and consultation on medical matters.
  • Ajoft integrated a “private room” feature in the forum accessible only to the experts concerned with a specific case. The doctor or the author of the thread has the authority to invite the experts to the discussion. No one else, other that the author or the invited specialists is privy of the discussion. This protects doctor-patient privacy by ensuring only the authorized specialist is consulted.
  • For general health issues, there are discussion forums that are available for registered members.

The entire strategy included right balance of following technologies and methodologies: Java, SOAP, PHP,XML, AJAX,LDAP,Jquery and MySql.

Business Benefits

Ajoft Technologies created a discussion forum that is secure, robust, efficient and available globally over the net. It allows doctors to consult and discuss their medical cases with other specialists and determine a correct course of diagnosis and treatment derived from the latest medical research and advancements.

The forum provides general educational information to help medical student, doctors & personnel and the users by sharing their medical knowledge, information and experience among themselves.