Ecommerce Solutions For Large Marine Products Manufacturer

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About The client

The client is the ultimate source for boating and Marine products, equipments and accessories.It brings the best products at most affordable prices. Client is one of the most trusted online marine store that offers best marine accessories including marine GPS products like GPS navigation system, GPS fish finder, GPS plotters and many more. It is one of the largest suppliers of marine electronics and equipments

Business Challenge

The client business was one of the highest competitive business of USA. Therefore client needed a way to improve overall ecommerce infrastructure so that it could present itself as a leader in the industry. The client sold more than 25000 marine products and needed an advanced portal for their ecommerce need which can provide easier buying experiences for its customers and friendly management options for their internal staff.

The challenges that it faced with its existing infrastructure were:-

  • Since they sold more than 25000 products and since most of the products management things were done manually, it was difficult to manage the all the products alltogether,
  • Since online hosted ecommerce were being used which provided less controls to the client, there are difficulty in adding values to the store,
  • Products were managed manually using excel sheets and their was no way to syc that data which internal staff made with the hosted solution, it added to their complexities.
  • Marketing team ideas were not easily implementable in their current infrastructure, which in urn affected marketing and branding of the client.

How the challenge was solved

To address the business challenge, Ajoft created a comprehensive strategy which took into consideration all aspects of the project, including existing market conditions, possible technology feasibility, internal work process and approaches and engagement models.

Ajoft Technologies approached the situation by clearly analyzing the problems and concerns of the client and provided the solution in a way to make it cost effect and fast time to reach the market .

  • Ajoft created a team of senior analysts to formulate a compelling strategy to acknowledge the challenges of the client
  • Ajoft understood the internal process of the company made an intermediate pipe line to sync the internal data with the new platform without any manual intervention
  • Online ecommerce platform was developed with multiple level of authentication to provide different managerial rights to different departments for easy management
  • The online website was connected to offline inventory system for quick notifications
  • The entire system was connected to a central reporting server where faults and tolerances can be monitored.

The entire strategy included right balance of following technologies and methodologies: Ldap, .Net, SOAP, PHP,XML, AJAX, Jquery and MySql, MSSQL 2005.

Business Benefits

The partnership with Ajoft has enabled the service provider have a one all IT infrastructure which provided seamless integration to all the departments of the company. The company now does not observe disruption in business activities and services since after migrating to the web solution provided by Ajoft.

  • The new platform created by Ajoft helped client to get increased leads and leads generation got increased by 59.31 %
  • The manual tasks of the internal staff were automatically synced periodically which increased the productivity and saved the time of senior manager by 21%.
  • Now the client gets excellent ROI(~33x Return on investment)