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About The client

Client is one of the premium media company and provides article, news and guest blogging platforms where one can submit their articles and showcase their writing skills. All articles are individually approved by editors and there is no way to bypass the quality check of the website. The editors can be from any part of the world to make the application globally moderated. The main aim of this website is to provide a platform for netizens to learn and share their knowledge with global audiences.

Business Challenge

The site was growing to an extent anybody would love. It was a dream to provide the site where users can write and monitor their articles themselves. But soon it became apparent that that providing too much power to the authors and without monitoring, the system became overloaded with spam and useless articles. Online article submission has become one of the popular strategies of online marketing by providing backlinks to the user’s concerned website or pages. Thus, everyday thousands of articles were being submitted to the website webmasters and SEO professionals to boost the back links of the website under question. Often, there were articles, which were full of hyperlinks and not even a single line of content. Thus, there arose a need of developing a system that would monitor the articles posted, limit the power of authors and ensure that only articles with quality content and information get published. There was a need of system to check the incoming spam.
The challenges that it faced with its existing setup were:-

  • There was need to devise a way where system can automatically edit articles based on certain set of guidelines
  • Spammers should be regulated,
  • Editor multi level powers and authorization can be provided.
  • Most of the manual process can be automated.

How the challenge was solved

To address the business challenge, Ajoft created a comprehensive strategy which took into consideration all aspects of the project, including existing market conditions, possible technology feasibility and approaches and engagement models.

  • Ajoft created a team of senior analysts to formulate a compelling strategy to acknowledge the challenges of the client
  • Ajoft created a intermediate validating engine which validated the contents for spam and approval
  • Editor selection and approval process was made automated
  • Website was re – engineered to make it user friendly and fast loading
  • Spam Authors were automatically warned and banned by the system

The entire strategy included right balance of following technologies and methodologies: Java, SOAP, PHP,XML, AJAX, Jquery and MySql.

Business Benefits

The website has been revamped and is continuously growing. The strict content posting guidelines set by the editors have ensured that only good quality content that has useful information gets posted. The articles posting is so structured that there virtually every category depending upon the theme of the article. The article approval process has also become swift and effective. Since only informative articles get posted, the site is persistently attracting the interest of the readers and is growing every day. Also, for the online marketers this newly revamped website is acting as source of backlink generation to their concerned webpages provided, they keep the number of links to a minimum required and don’t bombard the article with links. Client site generates widespread exposure for authors and online marketers through article submitted and thus has also become a tool for online marketing. Therefore, Client site is also becoming popular among the online marketers and getting increased traffic and thus, visitors.