Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension

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Best Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension with exceptional support which is second to none. Our magento marketplace extension is one of the best marketplace extension and turns any Magento store into a  successful online marketplace just like flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon.

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Magento marketplace features

Our magento marketplace comes with following features.

Vendors Management

Full featured vendors management facilities available in admin panel which admin can use to manage vendors easily.

Vendors Attributes

Marketplace owners can easily manage the attributes of vendor registration form thus helping you to capture important vendor data.

Product Types

Our magento marketplace plugin supports  maximum number of product types on the store making it the best marketplace extension

Vendor Groups

Store owner can create groups of vendors which allows him to manage large number of vendors easily and can also be used for creating custom fees for groups.

Payment Gateways

Supports large number of payment gateways which allows you to accept money easily through your marketplace site.

Vendor Login

Separate vendor login for your registered vendors are provided so that vendors can easily manage their accounts separately.

Checkout Modes

Our vendor plugin supports multiple check out modes for better user experience.

Product Management

Full featured products management allows vendors to manage their own products easily.

Orders Management

Vendor can easily manage their orders, invoices and shipments easily right from their panel panel.

Commission Management

As Marketplace owner, you can set commissions which you want to recieve from each sale that is generated on your store.

Vendor RMA

Vendors can use RMA tools for managing, processing return and exchange requests between vendors and customers.


Marketplace extension sends automatic notifications to users and vendors and admins for activities performed on the store

Vendor Store

Marketplace extension provides unique urls to all the vendor stores where vendors products gets listed.

Open Source

Marketplace extension is open source which means that you can customize it at your will.


We provide 6 months of free support for our plugins and extensions.

Money Back Guarantee

Marketplace module comes with 30 days money back guarantee if you ae not satisfied with it.

Standard Features

  • Compatible with all the Templates
  • Separate seller / vendor  profile / vendor site .
  • Seller can add banner , shop logo custom HTML text .
  • Seller / Vendor product search in vendor panel .
  • Separate seller’s product collection.
  • Contact vendor for questions related to product.
  • Different vendor commission for every vendor.
  • Assign product to vendors.
  • Category and subcategory assignment from vendor end.
  • Product approval system. Vendor panel will display the current status of the product approval.
  • Special price , special price from to special price  to.
  • Stock Availability check .
  • Unique vendor shop url option.
  • Vendor registration approval.
  • Seller Listing page facility.
  • Email Notifications
  • Multi Lingual support
  • Product Edit and Delete option on seller panel.
  • Vendor transaction report at seller panel.
  • Vendor credit account
  • Custom Store fronts for vendors
  • All currencies Supported.
  • Vendor Shipment management
  • Vendor Invoices Management
  • Multiple Shopping cart for each vendor.
  • Vendor Support options.

Magento Marketplace Extension Premium version features:

Vendor Home Page

Vendor Home Page plug-in allows vendors to display his information and products on his vendor page.

Vendor CMS

Content Management plug-in allows vendor to manage his static content and static pages and add static blocks to any position on his pages.

Vendor Categories

Vendor Categories plug-in allows vendor to add his own product categories.

Vendor Reviews

Vendor Reviews allows customer to leave reviews for vendor after he buys a product from vendor.

Vendor Live Chat

With Live chat add-on merchant can answer customers queries immediately.

Mass Import/Export Products

Mass Import/Export Products plugin allows seller to bulk add large number of products to his store.

Advanced Vendor Group

With this feature, marketplace owner can set limitations and restrictions for each vendor group.

Vendor Messages

Adds messaging facility to vendor dashboard so vendor will be able to receive message from customer about product and services.

Banner Manager

This feature allows vendors to manage images and banners on their website as per his wish.

UPS/Fedex Shipping

with this plugin, Facility of integraton of various shipping gateways like UPS and fedex shipping gateways is available in the store.


Marketplace extensions

Our marketplace module can be extended using the following extensions

Featured Product

Featured Products plug-in allows vendor to set products as featured and display it to homepage, category page and any of other static page.

Search By Vendor

Vendor Search is a plug-in which allows customers to search product inside vendor store for smooth buying experience.

Paypal Adaptive Payment

Paypal Adaptive Payment plug-in allows website owner handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment.

Vendor Membership

Vendor Membership plug-in helps you create different membership packages with different fees and benefits for vendor registration.

Custom Product Form

Custom Product Form plugins allows vendor to add products easier through customized form.

Vendor Quotation

Vendor quotation extension allows customers request a quote for products instead of adding them to the cart.

Store Locator

The Store Locator Magento module is an amazing tool for merchants who have physical locations of retailers. The module allows vendor to display his store addresses on the map and make customers know where your offline shops are situated.

Vendor Billing

With Vendor Billing plug-in, each vendor will have a billing account. After customer pay for the order system will calculate commission and add it to vendor billing account. Vendor can pay for marketplace owner any time.

Vendor Sub Accounts

Manage sub accounts and set permission for them to manage vendor store.

Vendor Reports

Vendor Reports plugin allows vendor to obtain sales information about their products and allows vendor to analyse the status of vendor store.

Vendor tax

Vendor Tax plugin allows vendors to manage their own tax for their products.

Much More

Apart from above extensions, we provide more extensions and allow facility for custom plugin development to complete your marketplace store.


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